Wonders of Shea Butter

Want to have baby-soft skin again?

Try our all-natural shea butter with almond oil. 


Shea Butter with Sweet Almond Oil is our go-to superhero for moisturising and hydrating the whole body. Natural Looks has long recognised the wonders of Shea Butter and include it in many of our moisturising products.  However we think it’s so good it deserves to be showcased on its own (with a little bit of help from Sweet Almond Oil) and that’s all there is to it – natural and pure – no chemicals, no colours, no fragrance.  Just a fabulous vitamin rich butter full of essential fatty acids that work together to nourish by deep absorption into the skin layers, protect against moisture loss keeping the skin visibly smoother and plumper and repair by promoting collagen production and skin elasticity.


How to use our Shea Butter with Almond Oil

Shea butter melts at skin temperature and is absorbed easily into the skin with the help of sweet almond oil. Simply massage into your skin to moisture and soothe all skin types. It is particularly beneficial for extra dry skin.

But did you know?

You can slather it over your face at night  for an overnight facial spa. Wake up with baby soft skin.

It is light enough to be used as a daily moisturiser. It does not clog the pores and actually has a light natural sunprotection. 

It is ideal for softening hard skin on the hands and feet. For best result, exfoliate skin first,  coat the with a  thick layer,  cover with soft gloves  or socks, leave for an hour and then massage. 

Softens cuticles and strengthen nails.

Makes an excellent lip balm. Soothing and healing for dry cracked lips. 

Aids in the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, scaring and wrinkles and is an excellent all-natural moisturiser for eczema and psoriasis.

Can be used as a hair conditioner and is good for dry, flaking scalps  Rub the product beteen your fingers until it is soft enough to massage into you scalp and hair.  Rinse out. Adapt the amount you use to your hair type. Top tip: conditioners lock moisture into the hair by creating a seal, be sure to wash your hair thorughly to remove all traces of the sealant before your next application.  


Quick tips  from our beauty consultant on how to keep you skin silky soft with the aid of shea butter:

  •        Moisturise your body regularly especially after baths. Water removes oils from the skin, which results in making skin rough. Shea butter is a super moisturiser which replenishes oils and locks in moisture. 
  •        Protect, protect, and protect you skin from the sun by using products with sun protection. Shea Butter's light natral sunprotection helps shield skin from harsh elements.  Don't forget you can also apply it to your hair to add a layer of protection on a sunny day.
  •        Drink plenty of water and eat foods containing lots of water to keep body and skin hydrated.
  •        Protect you skin from drying in winter. Our shea butter adds oil to the skin creating  a protective barrier to the skin and helps prevent it drying out in dry, cold environments.
  •        Exfoliate your skin once a week to keep a balance of moisturising oils that help get that baby-soft skin. Remember that too much daily scrubbing can actually make the skin look dry as it loses the oils. For the face we recommend you use our Lemon and Oatmeal Facial Scrub, which gently clears blocked pores and promotes healthy skin. Lemon has anti-bacterial properties that will help kill acne causing bacteria and germs; Oatmeal contains natural cleansing agents that will get rid of dirt from deep pores.  For the body we have a choice of body scrubs containing natural extracts lightly fragranced with some of our favourite fragrances: Illusion Body Scrub, Parisian Body Scrub, Strawberry Body Scrub, Yanaya Body Scrub. Remember to moisturise with our superhero afterwards. 


Well if you haven’t figured it out already our Shea Butter is the superfood superhero for super-soft skin.

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11/12/2017 1:39 PM
This really is a fantastic product. I tried everything to get rid of the dry cracked skin on my heels but nothing worked until I found this. Now I use it on my hands as well. Brilliant!