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A long-lasting signature fragrance. Warmly exotic with subtle spices enveloping sharp citrus and fragrant flowers.
A warm, woody aromatic masculine fragrance for the modern rugged man. A mist of invigorating pepper with the softness of floral woods to cool and refresh the body without drying out the skin.
A cool fragrant balm rich in natural extracts to help soothe small abrasions, aid quick healing and calm irritated skin. Apply liberally to skin after shaving.
For men. A masculine, fragrance with fresh green spicy top notes combined with a dry floral heart and a warm base of soft woods and musks; confident and long lasting.
A specially formulated shampoo with a built-in conditioner. Contains natural Horsetail Leaf extract which helps strengthen the hair. Suitable for all hair types. No need for a separate conditioner.
Men's fragrance. A non-sticky anti-perspirant designed to give all day freshness with the soft & spicy fragrance of Leader. Contains natural Birch Extract for its moisturising qualities.
Men's fragrance. An invigorating Shower Gel designed to refresh and revitalize with the soft and spicy Leader fragrance. Contains natural Birch Extract with moisturising qualities.
Men's fragrance. Fresh green spicy top notes combine with a dry floral heart and a warm base of soft woods and musks. Coolman fragrance in a revitalizing Body Spray to cool and refresh your body without drying your skin.
Men's fragrance. A non-greasy lotion for daily use containing Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to moisturise and protect, plus Sandalwood Extract to soothe irritated skin. Features the fresh and spicy Coolman fragrance. Suitable for both face and body.