Eau de Parfums

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Charmed Eau de Parfum

Cast your spell! A fresh sensuous fragrance with a powerful floral heart embraced by warm woody and vanilla notes.
£15.00 £15.00

Dream Eau de Parfum

Wonderfully warm and sunny long lasting fragrance with an opulent floral bouquet and base notes of amber and musk
£15.00 £15.00

Happiness Eau de Parfum

Pink pineapple and orange combine with a heart of exotic flowers in a long lasting fragrance.
£15.00 £15.00

Illusion Eau de Parfum

Soft and sensual with an enticing mix of red lychee, jasmine, orchid, musks and woods in a long lasting fragrance.
£15.00 £15.00

Parisian Eau de Parfum

Chic and flirtatiously floral with sensual notes of wood and musk in a long lasting fragrance.
£15.00 £15.00

Sweet Heart Eau de Parfum

Sumptuously sweet and sultry scent dominated by passion fruit with a fresh floral heart and a classic musky base in a long-lasting fragrance.
£15.00 £15.00

Timeless Eau de Parfum

A soft and caressing long-lasting fragrance. Unashamedly floral, embracing sultry sandalwood and warm musk scents.
£12.45 £12.45

White Musk Eau de Parfum

A tender blend of sensual White Musk with a hint of a floral bouquet in a long lasting fragrance.
£15.00 £15.00

Yanaya Eau de Parfum

Tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom with fruity undertones and a heavy honey heart in a long lasting fragrance.
£15.00 £15.00