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the power of fragrance

  The slight hint of a  specific scent can awaken comforting memories and transport us to particular moments in time, remind us of  loved ones or of special places. Fragrances have the ability to affect our moods, our attitudes and our desires. They play an important part in creating our identity, and making us feel good about ourselves. So choose how you feel today, choose a fragrance that makes you happy!

West meets East

The concept of Natural Looks was created 25 years ago with the aim of offering Middle Eastern consumers the quality assurance of British manufactured natural beauty products. It soon became clear that fragrances were the biggest influence on the customers. The Middle East is a fragrance-obsessed culture where scents like sandalwood, oud, musk and jasmine are burned, vaporised, sprayed, anointed and bathed in. Fragrances are important for spiritual well-being, for energizing, stimulating, comforting or soothing. This is a culture where people surround themselves with sensual scents which become an essential part of their everyday lives.

 Natural Looks has embraced this enthusiasm for fragrance by developing inspirational scents for their skin and hair care products. In addition to their best-selling body sprays and perfumes  Natural Looks offers extensive toiletry ranges, each with a signature fragrance of harmonious blends of soft florals, warm woods, tangy fruits and seductive musks. The fragrances are matched with natural extracts to enhance different skin and hair care types with nourishing, protecting and repairing properties. 

Today Natural Looks fragrances have evolved to become hot favourites worldwide with shops opening in the Middle East, Malaysia and the Philippines and with online sales soaring. The ethos of Natural Looks is to provide the very best of British manufacturing, the benefits of natural extracts and the fragrant delights of international mystique.